Why Are Brown Stains On Your Teeth All Of A Sudden?

Spotting brown patches between your teeth is unsettling, but it is not something to be worried about as there are multiple solutions available, like – professional teeth whitening. Since this issue is quite widespread and common among people, we have detailed the causes, solutions, and prevention tips regarding brown stains on teeth.


Brown stains between or on the surface of your teeth stem from poor oral hygiene. Neglecting your teeth and gums sets the stage for potential issues. Here are the potential reasons behind those unwelcome brown stains:

  1. Cavity or tooth decay is due to bacterial activity in neglected areas.
  2. Side effects of certain medications may be the reason for your toot losing its shine and color.
  3. Genetic factors influence color, too. If your parents have discolored teeth due to an internal problem, or their teeth are weak and prone to staining, you will, too.
  4. Natural wear and tear over time also hamper the look of your teeth.
  5. Smoking tobacco increases the contact of staining products to your teeth.
  6. Excessive fluoride dose is harmful to teeth enamel as it forms a layer of stain on teeth.
  7. There are foods and drinks that have pigments in them that stain the enamel.
  8. If you do not wash away plaque, it hardens into tartar that is black or brown in color.
  9. Enamel hypoplasia is a condition in which there are developmental issues in the enamel, making it weak and more susceptible to stains.

How Do Dentists Treat Brown Stains Between Teeth?

Well, the best and safest way to deal with teeth staining is professional intervention. Dentists have many solutions up their sleeve to help you out; each is tailored according to your particular needs:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: For targeted stain removal.
  • Dental Bonding: Suitable when concealing can correct discoloration.
  • Deep Dental Cleaning: Involves the processes of scaling and root planing for thorough removal of plaque and stains.
  • Dental Veneers: The best choice if the stains are concealable with frontal shells.
  • Dental Crowns: If a major part of the tooth is not salvageable, then a cap to cover and protect stained teeth is used.
  • Sealant: Protective coating to prevent future stains.

Prevention Tips

Maintaining the brilliance of your teeth whitening treatment is the main deal. Here are a few ways you can protect your teeth from the wrath of stains.

  • Avoid tobacco and use of recreational drugs
  • Follow a good oral care routine religiously.
  • Never forget to rinse your mouth after eating pigment-rich foods or beverages.
  • Do not skip regular dental checkups, as they include deep dental cleaning, which is essential for tartar removal.
  • Use a straw for dark liquids.
  • Rinse after swimming.
  • Ask your doctor to adjust doses if you are prone to teeth discoloration.
  • Use at-home whitening toothpaste.
  • Adequate hydration.

Closing Note

All in all, if you keep a check on your oral health and never miss or deliberately skip your bi-annual appointments, nothing can stop you from having a brighter smile. Consistent professional cleanings address existing problems and work on early diagnosis of any emerging issues. If you have any more questions regarding brown stains on your teeth or the professional teeth whitening we offer for them, contact Nimmi Shine Dental at (858) 999-8550.

Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

For more than 19 years, Dr. Joseph Mara has been a leading dentist in San Diego, providing affordable, gentle, and honest dental care. Driven by a commitment to patient’s trust and satisfaction, he undergoes continuous education and specialized training in oral implantology and endodontics. At his practice – Nimmi Shine Dental, convenience and comfort are paramount. Utilizing advanced technology such as the Vatech PaX-i3D Scanner and Computer Guided Implant Surgery, the clinic emphasizes efficiency and overall patient well-being. Call us today at (858) 999-8550 to schedule a consultation with our expert dentist.


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