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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

Thirty-two teeth are enough for most of us to keep up with, but what if a third set of molars starts growing in your mouth? That is not a nightmare, but the reality for many people once they reach their late teens to mid-twenties and wisdom teeth begin erupting. We offer wisdom teeth removal in San Diego, a procedure that becomes necessary when complications accompany the additional molars. Dr. Joseph Mara has been contributing to the dental world for 19 years and still counting. He works alongside highly skilled professionals to ensure you have healthy and strong teeth. Contact us now and say goodbye to all your dental troubles!
Wisdom Teeth in San Diego

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Our San Diego Dental Office

Extra molars are not necessary for the mouth to function; in fact, most of the time, the mouth does not have sufficient space to accommodate additional teeth. Left unattended, wisdom teeth can actually become risky for your oral health. Dr. Mara might recommend removing the molar, especially if it becomes impacted or infected. We will schedule the appointment with you if you indeed require extraction.

Our procedures are safe and painless as we prioritize your comfort. At Nimmi Shine Dental, we typically administer general anesthesia prior to the surgical removal to ensure you do not have to bear any discomfort. After verifying that the area is numb, various tools are used to remove the bone tissue around the wisdom tooth. Then, our competent oral surgeon will section the molar into pieces, which they withdraw one by one. When the socket is completely empty, it is time to rinse it, followed by stitching.

Your well-being is something we do not compromise on, and our caring dentist will place a gauze over the socket. Before you leave, the qualified professionals at our dental office will educate you on proper aftercare. Make sure to follow our instructions, and you will have a safe recovery!

Why Our Wisdom Tooth Extraction in San Diego Is Important

If you continue to live with the pain and neglect treatment, wisdom tooth troubles will only get worse. You can trust our dentists to take care of the problematic molar and get rid of it in a safe, comfortable manner. Our quality wisdom teeth removal surgery in San Diego, CA, will save you from a bunch of complications. By visiting us, you prevent the following:

  • Tooth Decay: The adjacent teeth will suffer with the rest of your mouth, as wisdom teeth will deteriorate them, causing tooth decay. Timely extraction can ensure this does not happen!
  • Crowded Teeth: When you allow the wisdom tooth to grow, your mouth only becomes crowded with unnecessary teeth. And for individuals who had orthodontic treatment, this is not exactly ideal.
  • Infection: A common complication that comes with third molars is infection, which is something everyone dreads. You will need instant dental care to resolve this issue, and our trained professionals have your back. Visit us for a promising wisdom tooth removal in San Diego today!
  • Sore Throat: The late-blooming molar will bring forth a long list of problems, and sore throat is among those. You will notice redness and soreness in your throat, which is a possible indication of a wisdom tooth coming in. Head to our dental clinic before it gets worse! Dr. Mara will take a look into your mouth and proceed with suitable treatments.
  • Cysts: Putting off your wisdom tooth extraction may be easy, but be prepared to deal with the consequences! You are just giving it time to develop cysts, which can lead to discomfort and pain. Our dentist spots signs of trouble early during your dental check-ups and addresses the issue before it has the chance to turn into a serious complication.

Visit Nimmi Shine Dental for Healthy Teeth!

Wisdom teeth are often accompanied by pain, swelling, infection, and general discomfort. You can consult our experienced dentists at Nimmi Shine Dental for a check-up to determine which treatment is right for you. Dr. Joseph Mara is dedicated to providing exceptional care and helping you on your journey to dental well-being. If you need a wisdom tooth removal, you are more than welcome to visit our dental office in San Diego!

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