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Professional Teeth Whitening In Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

Has your smile been looking a little dull lately? Enter: professional teeth whitening! Dr. Joseph Mara has been offering his dental and oral health services for 19 years, along with his brilliant team. Our teeth whitening procedure in San Diego, CA, is a transformative treatment that instantly brightens your smile. After our cosmetic dentist has worked on your teeth, you will grab everyone’s attention. Success and opportunities come easy when you trust our services!
Professional Teeth Whitening in San Diego, CA

Why Consider Professional Teeth Whitening

You can use many methods to whiten your teeth at home, but nothing comes close to our professional procedure. We offer exceptional teeth whitening in San Diego, which will drastically enhance the appearance of your teeth. Our dentist is dedicated to providing quality care to the patients, and we do our best to meet all of your needs. When you trust us with in-office teeth whitening, you will not be disappointed. Say goodbye to all your doubts and embarrassment; a bright smile awaits you!

With our teeth whitening service, you can look forward to the following:

  • Improved Confidence: When your teeth shine bright, you will feel much more confident in yourself. Your teeth will be many shades lighter, elevating your smile!
  • Motivation for Oral Care: If you have your dream smile, you would not want to lose it soon, would you? By investing in professional teeth whitening, you invest in your teeth, and it can be a good motivator for maintaining your oral health.
  • Instant Outcome: Our promising teeth whitening procedure in San Diego, CA, will show immediate results. After we are done, the difference is pretty noticeable!
  • Lasting Results: You will have months, if not a year, to enjoy your white teeth to the max. Professional treatments instantly whiten your smile — that, too, for months to come! With proper dental care, it may even last longer.
  • Cost Effective: It may seem like whitening strips and other methods cost less, but you will need to consistently use them to achieve the smile you desire. On the other hand, our professional teeth whitening shows immediate results in a single appointment. So, in the long run, professional teeth whitening is much more effective!

Learn About Our Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure in San Diego

Dr. Mara believes in a patient-focused philosophy and caters to all treatments according to the individual. We will discuss your vision and proceed with our procedure to achieve the picture-perfect smile you dream of. You have a variety of methods to whiten your teeth: whitening strips, toothpaste, and more! However, our in-office teeth whitening in San Diego remains unrivaled.

We start the procedure by preparing a gel with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which will help lift the stains off of your teeth. When the gel is ready, our dental specialist will apply it on the surface of your teeth. The gel helps break the stains, and we will use a special light that helps break the stains faster. Just one session and everyone will gravitate towards you!

Offering Teeth Whitening in San Diego!

Dr. Joseph Mara and his team are committed to providing quality dental care here at Nimmi Shine Dental. Our teeth whitening services in San Diego are what you need for a brighter, whiter smile. Put the stained, yellow, or discolored smile behind you, thanks to our dedicated dentist!

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