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Denture Stabilizations in Mira Mesa, San Diego, CA

Dentures are a great way to boost your confidence and restore the aesthetics and function of your smile. But no matter how unfortunate it is, dentures can move. Because of this, chewing your food can be a significant challenge. Luckily, this is where denture stabilization saves the day. With the help of denture stabilization, you can secure your dentures. Specifically, you won’t have to worry about your dentures shifting anymore. This is because denture stabilization provides firm support to your dentures and helps you enjoy delicious meals without suffering from the embarrassment of frequently adjusting your dentures. At Nimmi Shine Dental, our dentist will use the latest technology and gentle approach to help you regain your smile’s function. Consult with our dentist in San Diego to receive affordable denture stabilization.

Denture Stabilization in San Diego, CA

What Is Denture Stabilization?

Denture stabilization is a procedure to help secure your dentures. In this process, our dentist will place titanium screws in your jawbone. These screws serve as artificial roots that anchor your prosthetic teeth. This will allow your dentures to remain firm in their place. Precisely, they will no longer move or fall out unexpectedly.

Furthermore, with the help of denture stabilization, our San Diego’s dentist can help counter your side effects caused by dentures. Since your denture will remain still, it won’t cause irritation or soreness. Thus, this procedure allows you to eat, talk, and chew freely.

Why do you need Denture Stabilization?

You may need denture stabilization for:
  • Holding in place moving dentures
  • Preventing jaw recession
  • Eliminating the need for denture’ goo.’
  • Helping to chew and talk comfortably
  • Providing a natural feel

Are You A Candidate for Denture Stabilization?

If you have dentures and struggle to eat, speak and chew normally, you may need dental stabilization. A good candidate for this procedure should have healthy gums. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from excessive bone loss, then dental stabilization may not be a good choice for you. Visit our dentist in San Diego to receive the best dental service for denture stabilization. Schedule an appointment today by calling our San Diego dental practice at (858) 999-8550.

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