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Testimonial Gallery
Testimonial Gallery
Testimonial Gallery

Updated to 5 stars: they took my recommendation and added a treasure box for the kids! Not only that but the office has been amazing to my husband. They went above and beyond to ensure he was comfortable for all his work.

I really like this place. My 6 yr old and I both go, which in itself is amazing. Makes scheduling so much easier. The front office is always sweet and kind. The assistant was great and very talkative esp with my crazy talker of a daughter. She even let her sit close while they were filling my cavity. Love the quick digital x-rays and the drill cleaning vs the scraping of the hygienists. I’ve been here 3x now and have been very happy and satisfied. My fillings have been great, no pain or soreness and the Dr was very gentle. I’d definitely recommend this place. My daughter has been happy as well. She’s used to pediatric dentists, so I was a lil apprehensive, but she really liked
it too! She did get a little bummed when she didn’t get to pick something out of the treasure box, so that’d be my only recommendation for kids 🙂

Alicia C.

I believe, once again, that there are good, honest, reliable, caring dentists out there because of Dr. Joseph Mara! Actually, in my opinion, there is none better! Thank you, Dr. Mara and your friendly staff for the excellent customer service and cleanliness of your facility. And THANK YOU Dr. Mara for your attention to my dental health and overall compassionate disposition! I could not ask for more!

Aida E.

The short version of this review is that Dr. Mara is an incredibly skilled and personable dentist, the atmosphere of his warm and inviting, and his staff are prompt and competent.

I am incredibly glad to have Dr. Mara recommended to me. Previously, a dentist at a dental clinic chain had majorly errored on fixing my cavities and caused them to degrade to the point where pieces of my tooth were falling out piece by piece and I was in immense pain. Dr. Mara rectified this situation and I was pain-free with a bridge installed in no time. He was so skilled that my pain went away with nothing more than his skilled work and some Advil. Dr. Mara communicated the process well so that I understood what was happening and what my options were. He also had a lively and jocular side that kept the visits light and breezy and kept them from being stressful as I had expected from a dentist’s visit.

The other thing that stood out to me was the atmosphere of his office. As someone used to cramped and windowless or shuttered small rooms or cubicles, the almost floor to ceiling windows, coupled with modern Xray technology that meant that Xray and treatment could be done while sitting in one chair, meant that I never felt the almost claustrophobic fear that most dentists offices filled me with. Dr. Mara was a true pioneer in recognizing that an inviting and warm atmosphere helps the patient feel better before, during, and after a visit. I had a procedure done over several hours and I felt comfortable throughout the procedure.

Finally, Dr. Mara’s staff are polite, friendly, and most of all professional. They help maintain the warm atmosphere. They are also very good at working with you to find appointment times so that you do not have to waste time waiting in the waiting room. They are also very good at giving courtesy reminders of appointments.

Overall, there is no other dentist I would recommend over Dr. Mara. I encourage my fellow Yelpers to visit his office and experience the difference for yourselves.

Sanju J.

Dr. Mara and his amazing staff took really good care of me. He’s really professional. The dentist explains everything in detail and I did not feel nervous because he treated me like a family. thank you Dr Mara and all the staff.

Farhad M.

I hate going to the dentist; it just makes me nervous. But Dr Mara and his staff are the best. They make you feel comfortable and make the whole experience great. Everyone in that office is always smiling and attentive to my and my children’s needs. My children and I love this place and highly recommend it

Regina C.

Professional, friendly staff. Best dental experience I’ve had. I had extensive work to include extractions, crowns and implants. Highly recommend this Dentist.

Deb C.

Exceptional is the word I would use to describe Dr Mara and his practice. He was able to help fix some dental issues that other dentists had only managed to make worse. Since then, I have visited his office for numerous years and left happy every time. This is due to the professional but relaxed atmosphere curated by Dr Mara, the inviting and warm atmosphere of his clinic, and the professional support staff that he hires. I would highly and whole heartedly recommend this practice.

Sanju Z.

Dr. Mara and his staff are amazing! They are professional and work in a collaborative fashion, holding each other to their highest ability! They have a standard of excellence and every time I’ve been in the office this philosophy has been experienced! Keep up the great work! I appreciate all of you!

Daryl W.

Dr. Mara and staff are wonderful!! I’ve been going to him for over 8years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I’m terrified of going to the dentist but at Dr. Mara’s office they always make me feel calm and comfortable. Dr. Mara is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had! He understands how I feel and really does a great job to make sure I’m comfortable. I recommend him to all of my friends and family. He’s awesome!

Michelle D.

I have had substantial dental work done in the past six months by Dr. Mara and his wonderful staff in Scripps Ranch. In all my years, I have never had a better dental experience. The quality of dental care is perfect and the price is much more reasonable than I expected.

Ronald H.

Nimmi Shine Dental is a great dental because of their grand customer service ! All of the employees take the time to make sure you are well attended and very comfortable. Another great thing about the location it is a very clean dental facility!

Priscilla C.

Best dental hygienist dentist i’ve ever met is Dr. Mara. He knows how to treat his patients, makes them feel welcomed, comfortable, and worry-free. The receptionist is very welcoming, she is very nice !

Madison G.

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