Cavity Vs Satin – How To Know What I Have?

Jun 15, 2022

Noticing a discoloration on maybe one or more of your teeth can be a daunting experience. Staining is somewhat similar to stage 1 of early cavity, that is why distinguishing between cavity vs stain is difficult. Luckily, there are some remarkable differences between the 2. A cavity is more like a spot on your tooth, […]

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Is That A Cavity In Between My Two Front Teeth?

May 30, 2022

A cavity in between teeth is popularly known as interproximal cavities. They are not any different from regular ones, and every dentist is well-versed in treating every kind of mouth issue. Deterioration of enamel is the primary cause of this issue. What is enamel? It is a hard protective outer covering of the teeth that […]

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Do Braces Hurt When They Are Put On?

May 15, 2022

It is a common misconception about braces that placing them causes pain and discomfort. But in reality, do braces actually hurt? Honestly, they do not hurt at all while they are being fixed on the teeth; therefore, do not worry and spend your time anxiously worrying about your next dental appointment. The placement process is […]

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My Jaw Pain On One Side Is Getting Worse By The Day

Apr 30, 2022

Experiencing jaw pain, especially on one side, suddenly after waking up one day is an alarming situation. Your jaw may hurt on either side, be it left or right. It is not usually put under the category of an emergency; however, is a nuisance and may serve as an indicator of an underlying health condition […]

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Floss Before Or After Brushing – What’s First?

Apr 15, 2022

Taking care of dental hygiene is an integral part of overall health. Since the beginning, it has been instilled in our minds to brush and floss twice a day. But what is the need of doing so? Why do dentists emphasize so much on this regime? You may think that floss after brushing is not […]

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Canker Sore Vs Cancer – What Does This Growth Indicate?

Mar 15, 2022

One day, you may notice an unusual change inside your mouth, white centered circular ulceration, and it could be a canker sore. It often gets confusing between cancer and this oral issue. Having a foreign matter growth inside your mouth is scary; that is why you need to understand more about canker sore vs oral […]

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