Wisdom Teeth

What Are The First Signs Of Wisdom Teeth Coming In? | Explained

Oct 15, 2021

Having wisdom teeth come in is a polarizing experience. Sometimes, it can happen spontaneously and without incident. Some people might not even notice their wisdom teeth until they erupt. However, from impacted wisdom teeth to slow, painful eruptions, it’s common for people to have trouble with wisdom teeth starting to come in. That’s why it’s […]

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How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can I Eat?

Jul 30, 2021

It’s very common to ask the question after a wisdom teeth removal of how long afterward you have to wait until you can eat. Of course, it’s an entirely valid question: your mouth is likely numb after the anesthetic used during surgery. And after the anesthetic wears off, your mouth might feel tender and sore. […]

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