Is That A Cavity In Between My Two Front Teeth?

A cavity in between teeth is popularly known as interproximal cavities. They are not any different from regular ones, and every dentist is well-versed in treating every kind of mouth issue. Deterioration of enamel is the primary cause of this issue.

What is enamel? It is a hard protective outer covering of the teeth that houses sensitive layers underneath it. However, this layer brushes off because of continuous bacterial build-up and its reaction with the acids from food.

What Does A Cavity Look Like In Between Teeth?

A cavity in the front tooth or between the two is difficult to see since the place where it is present is difficult to see. Your dentist might go for an x-ray to see the cavity emerging between two teeth.

How to Get Rid Of a Cavity In Between Teeth?

Fluoride treatment is a good choice if the cavity is still superficial and not through the enamel between teeth. Remineralization is a safe and non-invasive option that is usable in the early onset of this condition.

If the decay has passed its initial stage, then the best treatment for it is none other than a filling for cavity between two teeth. Because of the best color matching ability of composite resin fillings, they are the first choice.

Once the cavity reaches deeper layers to the nerves and roots, then a root canal becomes inevitable and works well for soothing the ache of exposed nerves. If the hole is left untreated, the condition might progress into an infection and lead to serious trouble. An infection from the oral cavity can reach systemic circulation resulting in a fatality.

You can also use crowns to cover the cavity present in between the teeth. They are covers or caps made of ceramic, porcelain, composite resin, or metal alloys. A crown is best to protect the tooth that has a large cavity.

The dentists keep extraction as the last choice. It is an option chosen where the infection spreads through the bones and jaw, and there is no chance of saving the tooth.

Interproximal Cavity – Symptoms

  • Tooth sensitive to cold or hot entries in the mouth
  • Increased pain reception to sugar or acidic food
  • Pain while chewing

Cavity Prevention

There are no specific prevention techniques when it comes to cavities between the teeth. It is exactly like regular ones. All you need to do is brush and floss regularly and top it off with mouthwash to get rid of any leftover debris. Moreover, start using fluoride toothpaste since it helps in the remineralization of the enamel.


We are more than happy to be of help; reach out to us if you have any queries regarding cavities, especially in between teeth. You can also head to our clinic; the dentists at Nimmi Shine Dental will be more than happy to help.

Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

For more than 19 years, Dr. Joseph Mara has been a leading dentist in San Diego, providing affordable, gentle, and honest dental care. Driven by a commitment to patient’s trust and satisfaction, he undergoes continuous education and specialized training in oral implantology and endodontics. At his practice – Nimmi Shine Dental, convenience and comfort are paramount. Utilizing advanced technology such as the Vatech PaX-i3D Scanner and Computer Guided Implant Surgery, the clinic emphasizes efficiency and overall patient well-being. Call us today at (858) 999-8550 to schedule a consultation with our expert dentist.


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