Help I have Warts Growing In My Mouth!

Warts are unpleasant anywhere on the body, especially if it forms inside the oral cavity. HPV or human papillomavirus is the main reason for wart growth on the tongue. Mostly, it is prevalent amongst sexually active people. HPV leading to warts on the tongue is the most common STD – sexually transmitted disease. Currently, there are more than 100 kinds of HPV strains, and over 40 lead to warts or bumps growth in the mouth or tongue, precisely.

These warts are tiny sized bumps, benign structures of pink color if keratinized through a single layer and appear white if multiple layers are involved. HPV spreads via skin contact, and lumpy warts in the mouth are because of oral sexual contact.

A wart in the tongue due to HPV is cystic appearance wise and looks like a raised white spot structure. Mostly, after growth, they stay on for months or may take even several years! Don’t ignore if the hpv bumps on your tongue stay for more than 6 month time as it may be a sign oral cancer.

Symptoms of HPV Bumps on the Tongue

HPV bumps on the tongue are usually the only symptom after the human papillomavirus hits. This is the reason why most people do not realize that they suffer from an infection and continue spreading the disease.

Types of Warts on the Tongue – HPV

Multiple strains are the reason for mouth wart growth; HPV strain 6 and 11 are responsible for bumps appearing on the tongue.

Verruca Vulgaris or Common Wart

Usually, common warts appear on the hands because of HPV strain numbers 2 and 4. These warts or bumps are common in places where there are increased chances of trauma. Moreover, they can grow on any skin part or mucocutaneous surface.

Condyloma Acuminate

These HPV bumps would not appear on your tongue; rather, their prevalence is in the genital area. However, if the infected people indulge in sexual oral contact, it will start spreading inside the mouth; it is a result of strain numbers 2, 6, and 11.

Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia

This condition is also known as Heck’s disease. The bumps formed on the tongue are caused due to HPV strains number 13 and 32. A patient with Heck’s disease has a wart inside its mouth; the papules are white or pink in color, making it resemble a cobblestone.

Squamous Papilloma

Strain numbers 6 and 11 results in lesion growth that visually seems like a cauliflower. They usually resolve without medical assistance; however, the entire process will take some years to complete. That is why you should always get in touch with your healthcare provider after finding wart like bumps inside on the tongue or inside your mouth due to HPV. Squamous papilloma is common on the palate, your gums, pharynx, epiglottis, the tonsils etc. as well.

Risk Factors Related To HPV Bumps on the Tongue

The following factors increase the risk of contracting human papilloma virus:

Indulging in Oral Sex
People involved in increased oral sexual activities are at greater risk of contracting HPV, which would ultimately result in bumps on the tongue or warts in the oral cavity.

Multiple Sexual Partners
The more people you are involved with, the more you are at risk of developing these bumpy structures in your mouth. According to Cleveland Clinic research having more than 20 sexual partners in a lifetime increases the chances of an infection by 20 percent.

Smoking makes the mouth and tongue vulnerable to cuts and tears. This increases the chances of developing oral cancers.

Alcohol Consumption
It is stated that having high levels of alcohol increases the chances of men getting HPV infection. If you have the habit of smoking and drinking, then you are at greater risk.

Oral Or Open Mouth Kissing
Some researchers suggest that kissing with an open mouth is a risk that increases the chances of transmitting HPV.

Diagnosing HPV
As of now, there is no test available for determining HPV warts or bumps on your tongue. Your doctor may send the lesions from the mouth for oral screening of cancer.

HPV Bumps on Tongue Treatment

Mostly, warts ease off without medical treatment or any further lingering issues. However, it may take about 2 years for that to happen. While on the other hand creams used topically are usually ineffective when it comes to the oral cavity.

Moreover another option is freezing the wart using Cryotherapy. This process involves injecting interferon alpha inside them. But, reports say that removing oral warts surgically is the best-recommended treatment.


While easy to use home remedies are limited and seldom successful, pouring a few drops of tea tree oil on warts or rubbing a clove of raw garlic shows promising results. Your dentist may suggest the best option for you to help soothe the pain and discomfort caused because of this. Call the dentists at Nimmi Shine Dental for help at Temecula at 951 695 1027 or San Diego at 858 999 8550 to schedule an appointment.


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