Can You Stop Face Sagging due To Missing Teeth?

You might think getting an extraction is the right way to deal with a troubling tooth until you start having collateral damage. There are many issues that arise from missing teeth, like face sagging, bone loss, and lack of proper facial structure. Facial skin sinking can take a toll on a person’s overall confidence because of alteration.

Is Facial Sagging Due To Missing Teeth Preventable?

Missing teeth have more consequences than you can think of. It all starts with the danger of your gums and bones becoming weak, oral mucosal tissues receding, and bone loss.

Getting a replacement right after losing a tooth is better for preventing facial sagging. The aptest route of action for you can be Dental implants.

They are the best option. Implants in place of natural teeth provide support and promote healthy bone structure. This kind of dental restoration will improve aesthetics and your overall appearance.

If you already suffer from mild to moderate bone loss, a process known as bone grafting can help. Other than that, various options are available to rebuild the jaw.

It is quite possible to replace a single or multiple missing teeth with the use of dental implants for apt dental restoration. The good news is that implants appear to be the most natural looking option for fixing up a smile in this situation.

These implant posts copy (functionally) the natural tooth root and help to regenerate healthy bone tissue.

The materials used to make oral implants are medical grade and biocompatible materials that easily infuse into the jaw, making a stable and lasting bond.

Face Sagging Due To Missing teeth – Feature Changes

These modifications in the structure are common after you lose a tooth:

Sunken Cheeks

If you get rid of molars, they will leave an empty space on the sides of your mouth, resulting in cheek tissue sinking in and giving a pocketed look. This condition looks more vivid when the top jaw molars are missing. Eventually, over time, bone loss will occur, making the sagging more prominent.

Jaw Compression

The second most important function of the molars is to help maintain your facial height. After the bone mass is gone from missing teeth, the jawbone starts getting smaller. A jawbone that is smaller than usual makes the whole bottom area of the face seem shorter and somewhat squished together. Moreover, it is possible for the bottom jaw to also rotate to the front as it goes smaller, your face goes sagging and collapsed.

Permanent Frown Issues

If there will be no front teeth to give support to muscles surrounding the lips, its entire shape will change. The muscles will undergo atrophy, resulting in the corners of your mouth turning down, giving a frown look.

Final Words

Supporting facial integrity or sagging after the teeth go missing is crucial, and for that, dental implants can help a great deal to improve aesthetics. Why don’t you give a call to the dentist in San Diego? For more details, please feel free to call us at (858) 999-8550.

Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

For more than 19 years, Dr. Joseph Mara has been a leading dentist in San Diego, providing affordable, gentle, and honest dental care. Driven by a commitment to patient’s trust and satisfaction, he undergoes continuous education and specialized training in oral implantology and endodontics. At his practice – Nimmi Shine Dental, convenience and comfort are paramount. Utilizing advanced technology such as the Vatech PaX-i3D Scanner and Computer Guided Implant Surgery, the clinic emphasizes efficiency and overall patient well-being. Call us today at (858) 999-8550 to schedule a consultation with our expert dentist.


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