Braces and Discomfort: Top 11 Effective Methods For Pain Relief

Many individuals think that getting braces on for teeth straightening purposes is painful. However, it is actually not. It does not hurt to get braces. But, we do not claim it as a comfortable process; there may be mild discomfort and pain initially due to the pressure being exerted for aligning the teeth, which gradually subsides. Read this blog to know 11 tips for pain relief from braces if you are concerned about this issue.

1. Oral Anesthetics

The first day after getting brand new braces is not a good sight, the pain is quite unbearable, and in such situations, oral anesthetics are an apt choice which are often used for tooth extractions. They reduce pain with their numbing properties. It is a form of medication that is gel-based and is spread on the teeth which has braces on, for pain relief.

There are two methods of applying an oral gel. First, take a cotton ball or swab, apply the gel to it then rub all over the teeth. Or, you can directly put oral anesthetic gel with your finger on the teeth having dental braces; for pain relief.

You must have this question in your mind, “how does it ease braces pain?” Well, the oral anesthetics reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and gums applied on; this way, they do not feel the pressure and consequent pain due to braces.

2. Over the Counter PainKillers

A much renowned option is using oral OTC medicines for pain relief because of braces. It is one of the most sought methods to stop braces pain. If you have had them for a long time, then you must have ample knowledge of what medicine to take according to the severity.

Usually, the pain goes down with time, but after the braces are tightened, it increases, and taking medicines helps for relief.

It is feasible to take the medicinal drug an hour before the dentist’s appointment so that the effect starts kicking in by the time you are finished. OTC painkillers are not suitable for chronic use; if your braces hurt after a day or two, get in touch with your dentist immediately.

3. Use an Ice pack

It is one of the best and easiest methods which helps in easing braces pain. Cold or close to freezing temperatures reduce inflammation and is a natural alternative for numbing the mouth. Using an ice pack with braces is fairly simple; just place it on the outside of your mouth where there is pain for numbing and relief.

4. Ice Cold Water

If you can’t get a hold of an ice pack, even ice cold water will suffice. Once you get home from the dentist’s office with braces on, grab a glass of cold water for pain relief. This method is an effective way to numb the area; however, the effect is quite short-lived.

5. Soft Food

One of the few issues with regular braces is restrictions in eating. It is prohibited to eat food that is hard to bite and would require applying pressure. The pressure can loosen wires and displace them from brackets which will result in another painful trip to the dentists for tightening. It is best to eat soft mashed foods not to hurt your teeth throughout the treatment.

6. Orthodontic Wax

Wax is one of the essential things sent home with you after getting braces. Orthodontic wax is different from a regular one. Its prime duty is to safeguard the inner portion of the cheeks, lips, and gums from the metal bracket wires. The wax acts as a block between the two to minimize irritation and friction.

Your dentist will provide you with instructions for using orthodontic wax. You mold the wax and spread it over the wires and bracket of the braces for pain relief. This wax is specially made non-toxic so that there is no hazard due to accidental consumption. However, it is necessary to wash it off before brushing and reapply after it.

7. Warm Salt Water Rinse

Cold water works wonders for pain reduction. But warm – not hot, also has pain relieving properties when used as a salt water solution. Swishing with a mouthful of the solution helps in healing cuts on the gums, cheek, or any soft tissue that suffers from the wrath of braces.

8. Gum Massage

Massaging the gums, just like any other body part, is fruitful for alleviating pain. It is not something difficult yet has an immense effect. Rub your gums with a finger gently in a circular motion. It works better if coupled with an ice cube before the massage.

9. Appropriate Dental Hygiene Regime

Taking care of your oral cavity becomes even more important after getting braces on. Good aftercare has a huge impact on the pain you’ll feel. It becomes exceedingly important to clean the teeth and maintain hygiene to ward off all bacterial buildup along with food debris to prevent decay as well as inflammation.

Food is more likely to get stuck on the braces’ wires. That is why flossing is important to remove it efficiently. Brush twice with a soft-bristled toothbrush and floss once for a well-maintained oral cavity. Or you can make it a habit to clean teeth using a brush and floss after every meal.

10. Diet Modification for Pain Relief Due to Braces

Diet is an important part to take care of after getting new braces or even tightening to fight pain and discomfort. Eating soft foods and avoiding any food or beverage which is very hot in temperature or acidic in nature greatly helps. Crunchy or sticky eatables will most likely get stuck on your braces, and with improper cleaning, it will form cavities.

11. Patience

Adjustment to the new entry is often difficult with the addition of pain. If you keep in mind the result, your pearly whites all aligned and beautiful, the time will steadily pass. Discomfort and pain go away gradually if proper care is taken.


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Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

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