Blood Blister In Mouth -Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies

No one would want a blood blister growing in their mouth as it is painful to experience. It not only looks bad but causes a lot of discomfort and soreness. Injury to the soft tissues of the mouth is the main cause of oral blisters. We would say that you shouldn’t worry much about oral blisters. But if you catch them every now and then or it doesn’t recover easily, something serious may be ongoing with your health.

Causes of oral blood blisters

  • Trauma to the inside of cheeks due to biting
  • allergic reaction
  • angina bullosa hemorrhagica
  • orthodontic appliances
  • anxiety

Angina bullosa hemorrhagica causes sudden growth of blood blisters in the mouth. A situation that calls for a doctor’s visit is when the blister is large enough to clog the airway.

Here are some other acute causes of blood blisters in the mouth:

  • reduced number of platelet
  • mouth cancer
  • oral herpes
  • excessive drinking
  • diabetes
  • deficiency of certain vitamins

Symptoms of blood blister in the mouth

Other than the bump, there are no physical symptoms of blood blister in the mouth. However, some individuals may feel minor pain and burning sensation close to the blister.

When to see a dentist or a doctor

Normally people don’t visit a doctor or dentist for mouth blisters, but if you experience the following, you should definitely seek medical attention:

  • too big blisters
  • bumps not healing for a long time
  • blood blisters keep coming back
  • blisters are forming due to ill-fitted dental appliances like braces or dentures

If braces or dentures don’t fit perfectly, ask your dentist to make the adjustments.

Home Remedies

Apply Ice

Icing the blister can help minimize the swelling. Instantly applying ice to a mouth injury can even help to prevent a bump from forming.

Witch hazel

Witch hazel can help alleviate the pain due to blood blisters. Dip a cotton swab in witch hazel and gently apply to the sore area.

Cucumber slices

With its great skin healing characteristics, cucumber is one of the best home treatments for blood blisters in the mouth. Cut a slice of a cucumber and place it on the blister. Repeat this multiple times a day.


The soothing properties of chamomile can help eliminate oral sores.


Turmeric is an effective way to manage pain and inflammation. Moreover, it can help relieve the blood blister in the mouth.
Tips for healing and prevention

Blood blisters in the mouth can be a great source of pain and uncomfortable nights. You can try the following to treat the blister and avoid recurrence.

  • remove dentures until the blister get better
  • consult a dentist for dentures that don’t fit well
  • avoid spicy foods
  • eat only soft and cold food items while recovering from the blister
  • visit your doctor or dentist for excessively large blisters or if they keep coming back

Get in touch!

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Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

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