Are Those Black Spots On Teeth Cavities?

Who does not want a smile that grabs everyone’s attention? Well, to achieve that, the grind is ongoing. There are times when issues like dark stains make their way in, even after fulfilling all the obligations to maintain a healthy smile, such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. It is quite a concern. But fret not! We have detailed reasons why your teeth develop black spots on them (not cavities) and ways to combat this issue.

Why Do Dark Patches Develop On Teeth?

Here are some of the common reasons for tooth discoloration.

1. Sudden impact or Injury To the Tooth

If you have had an unexpected blow to a tooth, black spots may appear due to chipping or cracking. This is the result of blood cells pooling in the injured area. This situation calls for a professional dental treatment, depending on the severity of the damage.

2. Tartar Buildup on Teeth

Even with regular brushing and flossing, there are places that your toothbrush may miss. That is where plaque accumulates and hardens itself into tartar that may appear with or as dark spots on your teeth.

3. Tooth Staining from Beverages

If your day starts with sipping coffee or tea, they may also be a culprit. These beverages are known to cause enamel staining, leading to discoloration in the form of dark patches.

4. Tooth Discoloration Due to Antibiotics

If your teeth have just gotten darker with a medication (antibiotic) use, they are to blame. This occurs because certain antibiotics, such as tetracycline, bind with calcium particles in your saliva, resulting in an adverse reaction.

5. Fluorosis

Excessive fluoride consumption from your water supply or diet can lead to mottling or white patches on your teeth.

6. Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten and affects various parts of your body, including your oral health. So, if you have this condition, it might lead to less saliva production and, ultimately, patch development on enamel.

7. Dental Restoration

There are times when dental restoration becomes necessary to repair broken parts of your teeth. So, when the colors do not match, such as in the case of dental bonding, they appear darker.

8. Tobacco Consumption

Smoking cigarettes and using tobacco products deposits massive amounts of tar on your teeth, causing staining. One way to deal with this issue is limiting their use or avoiding them completely.

Removing Black Spots on Teeth

There are multiple ways to tackle this issue, and the route of action depends on the cause and severity.

  1. Whitening Toothpaste: This choice is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to eliminate black spots on teeth that are not cavities. Whitening toothpaste eliminates mild surface stains, like those caused by coffee or tea, but all in due time. If you plan to choose this pathway, be prepared to give it a few months’ time to fully shine.
  2. Whitening Strips and Trays: These at-home treatments are effective for mid-tooth discoloration. You can ask your dentist to provide you with custom trays for the best results.
  3. Bleaching: Professional dental bleaching treatments effectively lighten the enamel a few shades.
  4. Professional Teeth Whitening: For more stubborn stains, specialized whitening treatments involving bleaching chemicals, as well as laser light at our dental office, provide excellent results. Our dental care expert, Dr. Joseph Mara, a credible member of the American Dental Association (ADA), provides top-notch teeth whitening services at the most affordable price.

Closing Note

No matter the cause of your black teeth, there is a chance for you to get a brighter smile! For that, you must maintain good oral hygiene practices and rest you can leave to the professionals to take care of. If you would like to learn more about what we can do to help you, contact Nimmi Shine Dental at 9888 Carroll Centre Rd Suite #112, San Diego, CA 92126, United States. Number: (858) 999-8550

Dr. Joseph Mara

Dr. Joseph Mara

For more than 19 years, Dr. Joseph Mara has been a leading dentist in San Diego, providing affordable, gentle, and honest dental care. Driven by a commitment to patient’s trust and satisfaction, he undergoes continuous education and specialized training in oral implantology and endodontics. At his practice – Nimmi Shine Dental, convenience and comfort are paramount. Utilizing advanced technology such as the Vatech PaX-i3D Scanner and Computer Guided Implant Surgery, the clinic emphasizes efficiency and overall patient well-being. Call us today at (858) 999-8550 to schedule a consultation with our expert dentist.


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