Teeth Whitening

Let’s face it, stained teeth can automatically make your beautiful smile look unattractive. However, achieving a bright and attractive smile is not difficult. Specifically, living with yellowish teeth has now become a thing of the past. At Nimmi Shine Dental, our dentist offers affordable teeth whitening treatment in San Diego and Temecula.

As a rule of thumb, anything that stains your white shirt can stain your teeth. Your teeth can likely be stained if you observe poor oral hygiene practice. Moreover, people who smoke or consume tobacco often experience discolored teeth. The same is the case for regular coffee, black tea, and red wine consumers. Having colored food and beverages and not cleaning your teeth afterward can darken your teeth’ color. Does this mean you need to give up on coffee, wine, or colored fruits? Absolutely not! That is what we are here for. Not only will we help you achieve a pearl white smile via teeth whitening, but we will also educate you on how to enjoy hearty foods and drinks. Yes, while having your favorite meals at Nimmi Shine Dental near you in Temecula and San Diego, you can still prolong the lasting effects of teeth whitening. All you need to do is to follow Dr. Mara’s instructions about teeth whitening aftercare.

Teeth Whitening in Temecula and San Diego

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening in San Diego and Temecula

Here are some of the benefits of having a teeth whitening at Nimmi Shine Dental:
  • No need to wait too long to see results
  • Affordable
  • Boosts confidence
  • Smile without hesitation
  • Long-lasting effects (if taken good care of oral hygiene)
  • Pain-free procedure

Why Choose Us For A Teeth Whitening

At Nimmi Shine Dental, located in Temecula and San Diego, we offer two teeth whitening methods. The first method is for those who like to whiten their teeth effectively. We suggest an in-office teeth whitening treatment that can be done within a single appointment. Once you opt for an in-office whitening treatment, you will see dramatic changes in your beautiful smile. Similarly, a take-home whitening kit is also available for patients that choose a more affordable option. Through this flexible approach, you will see a more gradual change in your smile.

However, once you undergo a teeth whitening treatment, the next 24 hours are most decisive. How well you follow your dentist’s instructions decide the prolonged effects of your newly white smile. It is essential to eat a white diet and avoid colored foods for the first 24 hours. San Diego’s best dentist at Nimmi Shine Dental will guide you throughout the process and educate you about aftercare.

Visit our Temecula or San Diego dentists for teeth whitening. Schedule an appointment by calling us at (951) 695-1027. We are more than happy to help you achieve the beautiful smile you truly deserve.

Our Two Convenient Locations

Teeth Whitening in San Diego

You can always visit us conveniently for teeth whitening in San Diego. Nimmi Shine Dental is located at 9888 Carroll Centre Rd Suite #112, San Diego, CA, just a few minutes of a walk away from Glory Christian Church. Additionally, we are conveniently located near San Idli Coffee and Indian Restaurant, which is only a three-minute drive away. Some popular places near our dental clinic include San Diego Fire-Rescue Station 44, San Diego Music and Art Company, and Holiday Inn San Diego Miramar near the McAs Area. You can also schedule an appointment with San Diego dentistry by calling us at (858) 999-8550.

Teeth Whitening in Temecula

Our Temecula’s teeth whitening dentist is conveniently located at 27699 Jefferson Ave #309, Temecula, CA 92590, United States, which is just a three-minute walk from In-N-Out Burger, Arbys, and
Wendys. Some famous nearby places close to our dentist’s office are Jefferson Court, Best Western Country Inn, and Liquor Depot. We are here to help you achieve your dream smile that you truly deserve. Visit Temecula’s best dentist via Temecula Valley Fwy, Jefferson Ave, Overland Rd., and Commerce Centre Dr. Learn more by scheduling an appointment. Call our dental office in Temecula at 951-695-1027.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Does tooth whitening cause permanent tooth sensitivity?
Sensitivity after teeth whitening is always temporary. Tooth sensitivity typically subsides after one or two days following your professional teeth whitening treatment. After that, you will return to the state of sensitivity before starting your teeth whitening process.
Can I get my teeth whitened?
Most people are candidates for professional teeth whitening in San Diego and Temecula. However, pregnant women, people with dental restorations, and children under age 16 may not be the best candidates for teeth whitening treatment.
How long does teeth whitening last?
Teeth whitening can last from a few months to up to three years. In fact, some studies report whitening effects lasting up to 10 years. However, teeth whitening is not permanent. Its longevity highly depends on how well you take care of your oral hygiene. To be honest, your teeth whitening won’t last much longer if you smoke or consume staining foods and drinks without proper care.
Does tooth whitening affect restorations like fillings, veneers, or crowns?
Teeth whitening does not affect your dental restorations like porcelain filling, veneers, or crowns. However, it may momentarily weaken the bond strength between composite restorations and enamel. Thus, it is better to check with your dentist before you start your teeth whitening.
Is the agent used in teeth whitening toxic?
Products created from Urea or Hydrogen Peroxide should be used carefully and cautiously. Follow proper instructions and don’t overuse the products for too long to avoid complications.
Is tooth bleaching safe?
Yes, Teeth whitening is a safe procedure, proven by several studies. You can easily protect your tooth enamel by applying fluoride and calcium sulfate to your teeth. People with sensitivity issues may feel gum sensitivity due to some chemicals used in whitening gels. But suppose you’re following the whitening schedule by Temecula and San Diego’s teeth whitening dentist. In that case, you’ll be good to go with no harm to your teeth. But you can always visit us if you’re not already on our whitening schedule. Our dentist will assess your oral health, natural shade of your teeth and plan a customized whitening schedule for you.

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